Wednesday, October 20, 2010

last ten years (if I uploaded it to github)

I've gone through about 10 years of backups looking, and I thought about putting it all up on github. However, most of it would just suck. So, instead, I'll put up gravestones for each of them and not look back anymore. Then, I'll delete the files and be done with. Keep in mind, most of these are side projects. Only two are failed start-ups (Hurox and FileSharingAccelerator). This list excludes current strategic technologies I've developed at my current business.
kitchena game engine
grillstatically typed clone of JavaScript
juknowa JavaScript to PHP converter
kapowiean OpenOffice Spreadsheets to PHP converter
blazeAn animation language for doing periodic animations (very similar to these devices that do music looping)
iknifea vector editor in C#
diffistoryan algorithm that would reconstruct a new version of a file using aspects from n-versions of a file
cosmic pipelinea re-invented of unix pipes on Windows (decided just to switch to unix for that problem)
simpledependa php dependency analysis toolkit; using a standard procedural style, you could produce libraries and end-points that would have no includes and consume minimal memory.
scripturea documentation language
istatea network synchronization language; describe data-structure and then use them it would sync over the wire

butcherblock3d object modeler and game editor
cauldron3d rendering engine (pre-kitchen)
fork2d gui editor/texture atlas packer
fryingpan3d physics wrapper library (physx, bullet, ode)
zmlc/fireheap modeler for structure serialization
infernobetter version of fire
bnjBayesian network tools in java 3.x
gemgraph editor and modeler
rpgenginea player system with buffs
arcane worksa functional programming language version of excel
melchiora new IDE for web editing with symbolic editing
alienautopsyworld of warcraft bot
convexbodyplaygroundgiven any closed model, this broke it down into convex bodies
facebookwalkcrawl facebook and convert image emails into text/stalk students
researchfucms with mathml support
phpmathmla mathml to png renderer
tutorcascomputer algebra system
mathgraphicsa point set visualization language
sliceema 3d model by using contour levels
gg+gui graph + (open scene graph gui system)
mathmywaya php-like language that enabled tutorcas to come alive on the web
monte carlo localizationconstruct a map and locate yourself (robotics)
jovian katana 1/2ajax ide, gui editor (used to build hurox)
huroxsocial marketplace
frame compilergiven a single image, split it up into 9 images for building frames (generates php code)
image2phpconvert an image to php (useful for combining with given colors to change hue on the fly)
javascriptmastera javascript parser that enabled me to search code to find inefficiencies and problems.
evolution4ka 3d space game
progressive mesh demoan implementation of Hoppe's progressive mesh stuff
spherexa physics engine where gravity was opposite (everything repelled)
zenginemarching cubes optimization where space is a grid represented by link lists of open and closed space
zterrainyet another terrain engine
jove3next generation ajax platform
spherebandsyet another collision detection engine
primgenmarching cube implementation for building models from math equations
lotr-riskscanned all the game assets and made it work in a network environment
rt-canvasa real-time (comet based) canvas toolkit for charting streaming data
tilemakegenerates 16 images from 3 images using reflections and rotations
novajavascript based router/topology for web page linking
gravitya shared file system for keeping replicas in sync (with distributed locking)
mercuriala simple deployment system (was completely ignorant of the scm)
kiraprogramming language targeting php with a built in orm
bencha simple c# benchmarking library/language for testing how webservers react with different types of requests (large posts, small get, small posts) in a haphazard way.
j.encodera simple javascript template language (rolled up into jove)
simpledependa php comment dependency factor tool; wrap functions in comments and then wrap destinations in comments; the destinations get split into multiple files and the dependents are traced out included when needed.
particalgenan image generator for particle system images (using point rendering)
scripturea immature documentation system
diffhistorya interface to diff that enabled a fs written in dokan to track a head and a revision log of how to go back in time
peoplemachinea small scale crm
hi, my name is jeffa book (did my own version of nanowrmo in march)
masssharda simple orm built around sharding
bspcompilercompile a mesh into a bsp tree
chefan ide for my game engine (turned into jove)
factorgsmall library for factoring gaussian integers
font2textureconvert a font to a texture map
quickneighborhoodquicksort using planes (designed for broad-phase of a large collection of particles moving quickly)
pointcloudalgorithms3d algorithms on point clouds
spoonagent modeling
poonixturned microsoft virtual pc into a managed cloud
devsynca suckier version of rsync in windows
glassesonadd glasses using opencv to a picture (client work that didn't pan out)
goldtransaction manager for s3
hordesimplequeueservice based video transcoding (for hurox)
magistrateinterface to kira's backend
filesharingacceleratora centralized file sharing service
wealthmy text based version of acquire (board game)
sudokuyet another sudoku solver
csdcfirst orm
mapgen4galcivmade a map generator for galactic civ
mathmoda web language for math (second version of mathmyway)
authoauth before oauth
ragerapid game engine (precursor to cauldron)
businesslogichelperregular expression search for enforcing rules on how to produce and consume sql
defensemapeda map editor for a tower game
notjavascripta working javascript interpreter with very strict rules (and no newline detection)
sworda text editor control (from scratch)
boxplanea gui control
lamegeoa c# geometry library (primarily for a future reverse geo-coder)
libquestasynchronous quest manager (how wow quests work)


  1. I did not understand the reason for deleteing them and be done with it. Why? You have nicely maintained the backups and now want to delete them. Of course I am nobody to ask why's and who's but just thinking when someone has spent so much time on it, wants o delete them. may be it might be an inspiration for your children.

  2. @Zipackterz

    most of the code sucks, kinda embarrassing; some of the good stuff, I'll put online. Some of the other, I may make a throw away account.

    Some of them, I will be rewriting and modernizing over the next ten years.