Tuesday, January 4, 2011

cmdfu, roll your own heroku-like interface

Every year, I write something up in C to make sure I still have hair on my chest. This year, I wrote cmdfu. cmdfu is a simple tool for executing commands remotely in a secure fashion (using an HMAC-esque signing process).

You can clone it from its github.

I'm going to play to my strengths (i.e. not UI) this year and release some command line services like crondom.com and the yet unnamed node.js hosting service. cmdfu is basically the way I plan to offer up remote execution against my servers. There is preliminary documentation here.

Using bash magic, it is fairly easy to make your own heroku-like interface. For instance, I can make a crondom script to manage my account.
crondom create http://www.mathgladiator.com/cron/test/1minute.php

crondom ping every 5 minutes http://www.mathgladiator.com/ping.php

crondom list

crondom delete 1-341343
You may be asking, "why C?". Why not?

If you want to install, then you need to install libcurl. I should really make a real makefile, but for now I like what I got. If you would like to use it for real, then please leave me a message in my github account (or just fork it).

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