Thursday, March 10, 2011

2.2 month review of slow-carb diet

1.3 months in : results (December 26th to Feburary 7th).

Lost 40 pounds.
LDL and Triglycerides lowed.
HDL raised.
Leaner profile.
better sleep and regular.
No guilt on Saturdays.

0.9 months off : results (Feburary 8th to March 5th).

No weight gain.
No change in cholesterol.
Terrible sleep.
Guilt for enjoying.

First week back on : results (March 6th to March 10th)

Feel amazing.
Lost 4 pounds (mostly water and colonic change).
Sleeping like a baby with regular sleep.


I really like the slow carb diet, and it works for me; it also improves my mood. I went off of it for two reasons.

First, I've heard people on carb-free diets gain their weight back quickly, so I tested that hypothesis. This is a completely bullshit excuse that my rational mind created to make the emotional side seem less of an idiot. The real reason was because I'm changing cities and I wanted to suck Kansas City dry of its BBQ. I made sure to enjoy my favorite places like Jack Stack and Arthur Bryants. Again, this is another bull-shit excuse, but I'm going with it.

Seeing how it affected my mood and sleep was enough for me to say "fuck this, I'm going back on".

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  1. Congrats on your loss. I've messed around with high protein/carb restricted diets myself (including SCD) and I've never quickly regained the fat that I've lost either. Now, if I break the diet I might quickly regain a few pounds of fluid but the fat comes back slowly, at least in my experience.