Saturday, April 16, 2011

SEO god-mode with node.js /w Big Data Win

I'm killing WIN and making something else also called WIN because WIN is an awesome name.

Why? The biggest thing old WIN does right is URL management. Now, I'm going to build a new product that's so fucking awesome.

new WIN = node.js + jsdsom

Basically, a proxy server that puts your server behind a strict HTML parser. Why? the stricter the HTML means the debugging process will gurantee correct HTML. Good HTML can be analysed on the fly. So, now, software can be written with craptastic urls like something.php?foo=bar and be transformed via jQuery on the fly.

What about big data? Well, dealing with file uploads in PHP is kind of annoying. Instead, I can use node.js to hyper-visor the upload and them stream it into S3. This will give the php script a URL which is what PHP ultimately wants.

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