Saturday, August 20, 2011

New computer, No Microsoft Office Needed

So, I've put together and have a new gaming rig/development machine for home. I'm getting up my linux VM now so I can do the real work (Only need Windows for steam and the volume of game choices, alas, I'm a gamer hooked onto Windows like a damn crack baby).

Office Freedom
I neither need nor want Microsoft Office. Yes, I am working on a book. No, I don't need office. I'm using Markdown inside of Notepad++. Thank the heavens I no longer need power point, and if I do, then I'll probably be dead already and burning in the 5th level of hell. I'll be honest, I'm a bit sad about excel. I'll get over it. BUT, we do have node.js for windows now. This, combined with some CSV trickery will serve me very well. The idea of having a cross-platform scripting language that doesn't suck, has closures, and is network ready it very exciting.

Development Freedom
I don't need Visual Studio anymore since I have no desire to touch C#. It is, in my opinion, toxic for my health. My language at work is Java, but when I come home: OCaml or JavaScript. Now that node.js works on windows, I'll be able to do some very cool shit and have confidence that if my work pans out, I could actually sell it.

The "Cloud" and my d:\ Drive
Basically, instead of migrating hard-drives and what-not to the new machine or using the network. I'm migrating all my stuff to a USB drive and S3. All my day to day stuff will be in Dropbox, and I'm working on my sync protocol now to mirror the USB drive to S3. It will be very pretty. So, this handles my data.

Data + Tools + Writing Tools = I Win!
What else do I need? Not much, I do say that I'm impressed with Windows 7 as a platform (although I don't want to develop for it anymore). Out of the box, it is pretty and not bad. I haven't had to fix the machine or anything. All the drivers worked. I'm glad I don't have to install a bunch of shit, and I don't want too. I'm only using Windows for games, and I'm getting really good performance in VirtualBox (even with the 2600K).

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

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