Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why No OCaml?

I just saw Kevin Murphy's "Why OCaml?" appear on Hacker News, so I'd thought I'd provide some counter-points to the nine year old article.

Popularity: I can't hire people to build stuff with OCaml, nor are there many non-finance jobs that pay decent enough to work with OCaml. Besides, JavaScript is kind of sexy and Java is getting closures.

Type Checking: Java has type checking too, and at the same level of rigor. Java doesn't have the fancy polymorphic type inference thou. I'll be honest, I'm a type inference monkey; I love it. But, after a year, the code is very difficult to read without a bunch of documention to explain what the fuck each thing is. Ok, great, so I don't mind having type annotations. I love C#'s var syntax (didn't Java 7 get this?).

Compilers: OCaml's compiler is way out of date. Multicore support is lacking. There were some memory limit issues (if I recall).

Speed: According to the shootout, OCaml is losing to Java. This makes me sad as I was a Java hater. It looks like we live in a C/Java world. I do find the shootout results interesting for Java. This makes me sad because I was invested in OCaml for about a week as I worked night and day on node.ocaml.

Syntax: I'm older, and more mature now. Now, I like my code to be a bit more verbose and less conflated. I like the idea of having a syntax that makes things a bit over-ly verbose now. This is both because I'm older and need to get things done rather than reverse engineer the syntax, and I need new engineers to get up to speed faster.

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