Saturday, July 2, 2011


Delivery is very hard, so I've written jokes that are hilarious. Well, to me at least.

One is based on a very funny yet embarrassing experience from my child-hood. In a casual setting, telling people makes them LOLz. However, trying to stand up and tell it to people. Woah, that's hard. Well, its hard for me because I'm a hard-core introvert that lives in my own fantasy world. Interacting with the outsiders tends to be a messy process. Fortunately, I've learned ways of dealing with it.

For instance, I used to have a deep fear of talking in front of people. So, I taught at college. That beat the fear out of me, and so I can go up and talk in front of people. It's oddly easy when the subject is boring like math, programming, or business.

What about messy and embarrassing past stuff? How do I not crack up during delivery?

Back to comedy: How do i take a personally embarrassing moment in my life and turn it into a deliverable routine?

To the twitter mobile!!!

Update: twitter was a failure. How about quora?

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