Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why women shouldn't vote! (Men do stupid things)

In reading what is good about men? this early morning due to a bit of insomnia. It was an interesting read.

I'd like to apologize now for the link-bait title. I actually encourage women to vote (even more so now), and I have no problem with whatever feminists do. Also, for brownie points, I took women studies in college; primarily because I was seeking to understand why so women are so sparse in computer science.

In the "What is good about men?", if you take it as an axiom and ask follow-up questions. What are the consequences. What about women and voting? Why have women not had/have a vote? Why have men been against it? Why do men oppress it?

So, I was thinking about that when I was trying to get myself to sleep. It's interesting.

I think I got it. Initially, women didn't want to vote so they were not responsible for the stupid ass decisions the men were taking. That's nice, but why the aggression against it?

Well, I think the story goes like this. We are the children of victors. Once the victory is achieved, the peace settles in. A generation is born in peace and corruption and the conflicts moves inward. This corruption enables weaker men to gain prominence and weaker men need to put people into submission. That's where the differential is introduced.

As to laws and aggression, most people fear change and will fight based on that notion alone. Strong men embrace change because change is different, interesting, contains glory, and fun. Weak men fear change because strong men come out on top.

In any-case, I should return to sleep now. I thank HN for bringing it my attention whilst I desperately try to sneak back into bed.

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