Friday, August 20, 2010

Journey back to OCaml; a land forgotten by marketing

Some years ago (3?), I used to regularly hack in OCaml. I'm picking it up again as my hobby/research language since it resonates with how I think (and more importantly how I think about the universe from a static typing/academic/math perspective/performance perspective).

Picking up OCaml is like riding a bike after three years in a hospital, and it is awesome; it just makes me happy to use.

Since I've been dealing with web stuff mostly, I wanted a platform that makes my life in OCaml well.... pleasant. I also want to build distributed systems with OCaml where machines can work together holding hands and drinking each other's koolaid. So, I'm building that platform first. It is called node.ocaml and can be found on github.

My hope is that my platform performs well and enables me to experiment and build some interesting services.

I choose OCaml because it's interesting, and because it is not marketable. It makes the boundary between my work coding and hobby coding very crisp.

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