Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fall is for walking, and how I am changing my life

As you may know, I'm a fattie. This fattie has issues, and part of the answer is to lose weight. The other part of the answer is to become more of a people person. Over the past two years, i stopped the gain and have a very slow loss. I've lost about 20 pounds in the last year. Can I do more? yes.

Over the past four months, I've increased my fitness level to a point where I no longer feel the burden of my weight. Now, I need to lose it so I can feel like super-man so I can jump over buildings and fight crime with my awesome pecks.

Recently, I've been walking in the real world rather than using a treadmill. Once I maxed out the treadmill at 70 minutes, it became very boring and not challenging. So, I started out in the real world which started when my car's muffler fell off and I had to walk to/from the mechanic to get it fixed. It is liberating to drop off your car and walk two miles to home-base.

After walking, I moved all our (me + my woman) shit; it was liberating to not pay big $$$ for movers and just move my shit myself (Except for some of the bulky stuff which required the usage of some of my awesome friends). My back has recovered, and I feel stronger than ever.

Now, I'm walking again. I've been walking 6-8 miles every week and I'm going to step it up a notch. I'm going to walk 100 miles (in aggregate) once fall hits. I can get 6 miles every three days by walking from 139th & metcalf to 119th & metcalf. However, I'm going to try to walk a little bit every day (like in the old days). I have a lot near me within a 1-2 mile radius. I also plan to walk to Missouri! How fun would that be? Its only five miles to Missouri, but I figure I can make a 11 mile walk to and from the jack stack in martin city.

My ultimate plan is to walk for 90 minutes a day (or about 2 miles). In 2011, I want to walk to Lawrence... Why? I don't know... It's only 41 miles (and thus 20 hours of walking time). But I'm sure it would be awesome to feel that level of accomplishment.

btw: I advise in investing in audio books.

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