Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Technical Debt for WIN

Well, I have a really good start on WIN (see prior post).

I have something that is kinda working and nice.

check it out

Here is the obligatory list of things that need to go into it to make it a real web platform:
  • Template Engine (Mustache)
  • Sessions (done, in memory)
  • Secured Session ID generation (done, thanks to php.js)
  • Spam/Bot Detection (Skip)
  • Rate Throttling (Skip)
  • Get User IP (Done)
  • GeoLocate the IP (Skip, need to build node.js module for GeoIP)
  • SSL Support
  • Linking (SSL, Absolute, Relative)
  • Auto Path Normalization
  • Some form of Persistence Support (Going with Couch DB)
  • Asset Management (JS, CSS, Language Files, SWF, Images)
  • Language Detection
  • Time Zone Support
  • i18n language support
  • Password Salting (done, thanks to php.js)
  • Multi-Error Handling
  • URL Routing (done)
  • Capcha Support
  • Large Scale user file system (part of an Asset Platform/CDN)
  • asset linking (maybe an asset platform is needed?)
  • static KVP cms (memcache to something else)
  • basic validation routines (just collect email, credit card, etc)
  • std package system (i.e. easy to clone: login, forgot, reset and friends)
  • geocoding
  • email (remote to HTTP service)
  • datetime (done, thanks to php.js)
  • REST clients (vague, got couchdb, what else do I need?)
  • CSV parsing (Skip, don't need yet)
If I spend 1/2 day to crank out a basic version of each of the above, then in half of a month, I could have the most awesome web platform ever!

EDIT: Or, I can go find stuff that already exists. :/

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