Tuesday, November 2, 2010

API as your Queen (or how I feel in love with NoSQL)

I like to think and play around with software architectures. About 1.5 years ago, I was inspired by twitter. Or, more precisely, I was inspired by the twitter developer community and the developing mash up scene. I have also watched the growing number of NoSQL solutions. The two are connected.

Developers are performing joins in the application space (or they are not doing joins at all).

Joins are the most important aspect of the relational database model, and if we don’t need them at the data tier any more, then do we need a relational database?

The answer is "it depends", but you don't even want to start there. You want to start by building an API that enables the product to work. This is where I start as I can get a good flow of the ebb and flow of data.

With node.js, node.ocaml, or KayakHTTP, it is very easy to create a REST-ish server for enabling developers to build products against a back-end. You can also see how much of a back-end you really are going to need and which products you will want to utilize in the future.

Always start by building your product as an API.

When you do this, your API is now a NoSQL back-end. You would be surprised what people can do when they don't have to deal with SQL.

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