Monday, November 15, 2010

Cloud Coding

I just want to say that Twilio is an awesome company. About a year ago, I was seriously considering dealing with asterisk. Asterisk is perfectly good software, but it didn't make sense for the problem I had. I took a risk and quickly developed the VOIP feature for a product.

Developing and supporting a product with Twilio over the past year has made me think about the need for developing in the cloud. I'm at the base level of cloud development: terminal. I can log into a VM and get things done. I don't need scp, sshfs, or anything else to support my development capability. My brain, fingers, and ssh are all that I need.

Why do I need a VM to develop with twilio? Well, the monitor and way to debug a twilio application is to use the phone. The phone isn't easy to work with, so I need a public IP. I also need a way to watch the HTTP traffic, so I need the ability to grep logs.

Basically, fundamental Unix skills let you work with new technologies faster.

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