Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gas + Commute = Bad: Before and After the move to Seattle

On March 21st, I left Overland Park, KS where I was driving an hour a day to work. Coming to Seattle, I wanted to live close to work, so I do. I can walk to work in less than 10 minutes. If I hustle, then it can be done in five minutes. I don't even need a bus. I'd like to share some numbers from my regarding gas usage.


The gas tank will be empty on June 1st, so I put $40 in it. I expect that to last until the end of june (at least). The only reason I have been driving recently has been due to my wife's check ups for her broken ankle. Beyond that, we can live in harmony without a car. Which is good because traffic in Seattle can suck it hard.

Now, you may be thinking, but I like saving the money by living in the burbs. OK, great. But, I get to have that smug feeling that I'm better than you because I don't use gas. That's way better. That combined with my wife's obsession to recycle means we are a green family with our heads planted firmly up our asses. It's awesome.

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