Sunday, June 5, 2011

Going old School; first epic walk in seattle

So, I like to walk. One idea I had which would be cool for runkeeper to do is to have fitness achievements based on GPS. Like, walk from A to B and explore the city. It could be a lucrative business for dense city markets.

Anyway, I was getting into the loop of "Oh, I should build that and turn it into a product" rather than walking. Instead, I'm going old-school. I'm going to use the printer and use a pen.

So, I'm looking at this map.

Then using gmap-pedometer, I plot out my course. Once I complete a few of these, I'll give my thoughts on it as a service.

Update. I failed at my original course, and I made a new one in real-time. It's even more epic. I did ~10 miles.


I'll post a few pics in a bit after my legs recover.

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