Saturday, June 18, 2011

Part-time Saturday Entrepreneur: Week 1

I did some administrative stuff. Picked a name, got the domain, set up the domain, picked a background color (#E6DFD5), created a slogan, set up a basic landing page, setup and installed google analytics.

I wrote a children's book this morning; this unblocks my wife on the first project.

It has plot broken down into 22 scenes that when printed on two sides of paper should make for a decent sized children's book.

It has a title: "The Robotic Mr. Ducky"

It has a moral: "Errors are ok, you're just human. Don't be perfect. Find Love." (I know, how awesome is that).

So, now that I have the story done, my wife can edit it, illustrate it, compose it. Now, I need a dead-line. Well, one of my dear friend's from high-school is going to have a baby in two months. That sounds like a good dead-line.

All before 8:00 AM.

For the rest of the day, I'm making sure she can actually get to work. Is the desk clean and ready? Are the supplies accessible? Etc.

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