Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why I just give up on Linux Desktop

I've been an advocate for computation in general for the majority of my life. I have no real preference for either Apple, Microsoft, Google, or open source derived products. I measure products on their own merits.

For servers, computation, scalability, performance, expressiveness. Linux wins by far. This makes a great deal of sense when you consider the market. The Linux market is by developers for developers.

For enterprise-y shit like Outlook and Exchange, I'll trust Microsoft hands down compared to an advertising company (Why I use Google Apps for personal stuff? Well, ..., I'm lazy and cheap).

For finding shit, I can trust google.

For my phone, I love the iPhone since it is best product on the market that addresses my needs. Android? LOLz. Maybe... that depends on iPhone fucking up their momentum or another company building something that makes people happier than the cracked out iPhone.

Now, for a majority of my life, I've used both Microsoft Windows and Linux as my primary operating systems for Desktop. I give up on Linux in the Desktop, and while I like it for developing... It will probably never by my primary one at home. Why? I'm old now. I have things to do. I want my shit to work out of the box. It's just that simple. I don't want to tweak my usb wifi stick to work; I just want to plug it in and have it work with out me configuring a bunch of shit.

So, I'm abandoning Linux on the desktop since I primarily just have a ridiculously number of terminal screens open. Do I need an OS for that?

Besides, with all the cloud shit that people are producing, does the OS really matter anymore? I have been meaning to checkout a chromebook...

Now, let me think about Windows? do I want to live in the Windows world? FUCK NO. Windows is great for two things: Outlook and Video Games (I would say Visual Studio, but I don't drink that kool-aid any more).

Now, having seen the WDDC key-note, I have to say: Lion + iCloud = win. If all I need is Internet, then I'm golden. It should work out of the box without problems. For my consumer needs, I'm good.

So, that just leaves me with Games. While some of my favourite games are available on the Mac, I find myself leary of jumping the boat entirely. Maybe I should. I don't have time to play all my games anyway. Maybe this is the part where I grow up, and stop playing games entirely? Some weeks go by these days, and I don't touch a game at all.

OK, let's do a systems check on the games I'd probably sell a kidney for: I have a 360. Ok, so I'll be able to play Mass Effect 3. Diablo 3 will run on Mac. Ok, so far good. Portal 2? Check. Combine that with iPhone/iPad, and I should be set. If not, then I can use that bootcamp shit with one of my Window 7 dvds.

Ok, so I've decided. my next computer is going to be a mac. Now, should I get a laptop or a big ass machine? Hrmm... well, my ego and male obsession with bigger points me to the big 12 core bastard. Now, my wife would want one too. So, I have to be willing to get two of them.. Maybe not since that would heat up my apartment like crazy. So, let's plan on getting a laptop.

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